Function 7.

‘Function 7.’  Sophisticated solutions executed in the highest quality of detail make your piece something truly unique.


Joints in the furniture are subtly illuminated, highlighting the exceptional shapes
Streams through drawers and cabinet interiors when opened
LEDs shine through thin layers of wood and emphasise the warmhues in the grain



Shine like polished marble
Pleasantly raw, like the silvery driftwood of spruce washed up on a beach
Matte like warm fieldstone

The combination of raw, smooth and matte wood surfaces in varying degrees of gloss, refined with oil wax or polish, appeals to the senses with its satisfying look and feel.


The true value of your furniture is shown by what goes into it. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials for your designer piece. 

Our furniture with wood grain is made exclusively from solid wood. For real wood veneer, we use carefully selected substrate materials that visibly stand out from the veneer, such as plywood, coloured MDF planks, etc.

We can produce your customised furniture in combination with glass, stone, high-gloss finished elements or metal. 

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